"Photography & _____" Artist Talks

ForPhotography & _____,” we invited artists familiar to the gallery, including painters, writers and photographers, and asked each participant to reach out to a fellow artist to create a one-of-a-kind, collaborative piece. There were no limitations placed on the work, except that photography must be incorporated into each piece. The exhibit runs from July 10 through September 4, 2020.

Click on the work below to hear the artists discuss their work with their collaborator!

"The Invisible Visible (A Phoenix Zones Initiative Project), 2020," by Colleen Plumb & Katherine Kassouf Cummings
"pool, 2020" by Sonja Thomsen & Thom Bridge
"With the Bur Oak, 2020" Terry Evans & Aimée Beaubien
"Still Life: A Coronavirus Dialog, 2020" by Jeffrey Wolin & Jennifer Greenburg
"Untitled (Windows), 2020" by Stephen Eichhorn & Elaine C. Miller
"Untitled, (Leave), Webster County, West Virginia, 2018" by Matt Eich & Doug Van Gundy
"Russian Impressions I & II, 2019/2020," Susan Aurinko & Misha Goro
"Perspective #1, You Show Me Your Imperfections All the Time, 2020" by Ysabel Lemay & Barbara FG
"Palm Perplexity, 2020" by Clarissa Bonet & Natalie Krick