Artists Talk Back: Liat Elbling

In this second portion of Artists Talk Back, artist Liat Elbling discusses how a family portrait became her most important piece of work and her admiration for the very first photograph that was ever taken.

Artists Talk Back: Shana ParkeHarrison

Introducing "Artists Talk Back", a new three part video series where two artists individually answer a set of five questions and then are given the chance to ask one another a single question. We’re kicking this series off with Shana ParkeHarrison, one half of the husband and wife duo, as she discusses their piece entitled "The Scribe", and the film work of Theo Angelopoulos and Andreis Tarkovsky.

Decisive Moment: Reflections on a Thirty-Three-Year Journey, as Chicago’s Photography Doyenne Catherine Edelman Closes Her Gallery

Great article except I kept the gallery

When Edelman was unsure what her next move would be after completing her undergraduate studies, she took Martínez-Cañas’ suggestion and applied to the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Edelman arrived in Chicago in 1985 to attend SAIC for her graduate degree in photography, planning to become a photographer. In her second…

These Photographs Of Urban Constellations Might Really Make You Think

The sense of wonder one feels standing at a window and overlooking a city at night is hard to replicate — but Clarissa Bonet is fantastic at visualizing what it means. The fine art photographer takes it an elevated approach to the usual hustle-bustle of street photography and focuses on the points of accidental connection between a person and the unique light that comes with living near tall buildings.

Image: Installation view of Terry Evans: Stories of the American Prairie at the Harn Museum of Art

Terry Evans' Show 'Stories of the American Prairies' Opens at the Harn Museum

Congratulations to Terry Evans, whose solo exhibition 'Stories of the American Prairies' recently opened at the Harn Museum of Art at the University of Florida. The exhibition is a love letter to America’s Heartland documenting the ecological transformations of the mid-west from Texas to Canada.

Photo © Stacy Keck

Virtual Programming - scott b. davis

Do you want to learn more about scott b. davis's meditative work and complex process? Do you want to see his current solo exhibition Place in the Sun from the safety of your home? In order to extend our reach and create greater accessibility, CEG has organized virtual programming in conjunction with davis's exhibition. RSVP for an upcoming virtual event or watch one of our past events, which we have recorded for our audience!