Teens Respond to "Meditations in an Emergency" by Bettina von Zwehl

Teens from Sen High School visited Catherine Edelman Gallery to view Bettina von Zwehl's current exhibition "Meditations in an Emergency." The show includes seventeen portraits that honor the number of victims of the school shooting on Valentine's Day, 2018 in Parkland, Florida, and serve as a testament to the endurance and practice of protest and teen activism.

Image: Art Speaks at Catherine Edelman Gallery. A crowd sits facing a person reading an essay.

Art Speaks: New Formations

Thank you so much to everyone who came out to "Art Speaks" on Saturday, February 8! Special thanks to the writers who participated, including Susan Aurinko, Araxie Cass, Lorraine Harrell, Riva Lehrer, Abena Motaboli, and Katy Scrogin. Art Speaks is a new initiative that takes place on the second Saturday of every month, inviting local writers and poets to read pieces they have written based on the theme present in the exhibition on view.