News Kehrer Verlag publishes Jeffrey A. Wolin's 'Faces of Homelessness'

NEW YORK, NY.- Homelessness takes many forms beyond living on the streets. Factors besides mental illness and addiction contribute to the problem.There are homeless veterans;families who were evicted when their residences were foreclosed on; people with sudden medical expenses that insurance didn’t cover. Job loss, divorce, death of a spouse or parent, domestic violence, discrimination based on sexual orientation, lack of affordable housing, etc., all drive homelessness.

BuzzFeed News: A Photographer Documented The Housing Crisis By Asking People How They Became Homeless

The problem of unaffordable housing — and the inextricable problem of people experiencing homelessness — is so obvious in major cities, including New York, where I live, that it can be overwhelming. For some, that feeling can be translated into a sense of learned blindness — If I don't look too hard, it is not a problem, and certainly not my problem.

News in-24: The faces of homeless people in the heart of a necessary photo book

Through his project Faces of Homelessness, Jeffrey A. Wolin shows the different “faces of homelessness” both literally and figuratively. His book consists of portraits of homeless people, annotated with their testimonies. A multitude of individuals and situations is thus presented.

F-Stop Magazine: Jeffrey Wolin @ Catherine Edelman Gallery

Jeffrey Wolin: Faces of Homelessness December 10th – February 5th, 2022 Opening Reception: December 10th | 5 – 7:30 PM “For more than 30 years, Jeffrey Wolin has combined photographic portraiture with auto-biographical texts, exploring issues about memory, identity, and trauma. Beginning in 1985, Wolin turned the camera on himself, writing personal stories directly on photographs that related to his life. Soon after, he began photographing residents at a housing project in Indiana, Holocaust survivors, and American and Vietnamese war veterans, combining portraits and personal histories directly on the photographic surface.

Tagree: Faces of Homelessness by Jeffrey Wolin

Jeffrey Wolin debuts new work at Catherine Edelman Gallery in a solo show, Faces of Homelessness. The show opens December 10 and runs through February 5, 2022. For more than 30 years, Jeffrey Wolin has combined photographic portraiture with autobiographical texts, exploring issues about memory, identity, and trauma.