Francesco Pergolesi: Mary, 2019

The Eye of Photography

Francesco Pergolesi‘s series “Stars”  tells the intimate story of the photographer. It simply pays tribute to the women who raised him and helped him grow up. In each image, we find the memory of his mother and all of the women that surrounded me during my life. “They are all angels” says the Italian photographer, originally from Spoleto in the Umbria region. Produced by…

Daniel Beltra

Professional Photo: Unlikely Beauty

IF YOU OPEN yourself up to opportunities then life seems to find a way of taking you to the places where you’re meant to be and, for Seattle-based Spanish-born photographer Daniel Beltrá, this is certainly the case. Circumstance and a regular habit of following his heart regarding the things that really matter to him have seen him become one of the world’s leading conservation photographers, with a body of work that’s been hugely important in terms of influencing crucial hearts and minds around the world over the years.

In the Spotlight: Francesco Pergolesi

A star is a heavenly body shining with its own light. I believe every child thinks of his/her mother in these terms; energy from which to draw love, solace, and protection from the vastness of the dark.
I grew up among women, listening to their stories,…

Medium Format: A Conversation with Clarissa Bonet

Where does your interest in the street come from?

I became interested in the street as a site of investigation when I moved to Chicago a little over ten years ago. Prior to the move, I lived in Florida and was accustomed to experiencing places by car, often at speed. In general, the environment I grew up in was not built…