Virtual Programming - scott b. davis

Do you want to learn more about scott b. davis's meditative work and complex process? Do you want to see his current solo exhibition Place in the Sun from the safety of your home? In order to extend our reach and create greater accessibility, CEG has organized virtual programming in conjunction with davis's exhibition. RSVP for an upcoming virtual event or watch one of our past events, which we have recorded for our audience.

RSVP for a conversation on December 3, 12:30pm CST between photographer scott b. davis and Arpad Kovacs, Assistant Curator in the Department of Photographs at the J. Paul Getty Museum. A graduate of Queen's University and York University, Kovacs’s exhibitions at the Getty have focused on twentieth century and contemporary photography, with a specific interest in conceptual art and time-based media. The curator first met scott b. davis while organizing the exhibition In Focus: Platinum Photographs, which featured all platinum and palladium prints, and they have stayed in touch ever since. The two will be discussing davis’s unique process as well as it’s context within the history of photography. 

Director Juli Lowe and scott b. davis discuss how the artist uses a combination of different complex processes in the darkroom and in the desert to create his one-of-a-kind pieces:


scott b. davis and fellow photographer Chris McCaw tell stories about their joint photographic trips into the desert, and what it is like to camp together while making unique photographs alongside a fellow artist:


scott b. davis gives us an in-depth look at his process by taking us into his studio and out into the desert:


Director Juli Lowe gives a tour of Place in the Sun: scott b. davis: