New Online Initiative - In/Sight

Urban Quilt 1668, 2019 © Angie McMonigal

CEG has launched a new online initiative with the purpose of providing The Chicago Project artists additional exposure. We are excited to introduce In/Sight, a series of micro-exhibitions on our website that gives insight into a selection of works by The Chicago Project photographers. With this new extension of TCP, we aim to highlight different aspects of the artists’ works while exploring the themes and concepts that move throughout their diverse practices. 

For our inaugural In/Sight exhibition, we present Interior + Exterior, featuring the work of Jim Ferguson, Angie McMonigal, Brad Pogatetz, and Samantha VanDeman. Ferguson and McMonigal interpret architectural exteriors in ways that are geometric and abstract, highlighting often overlooked details by isolating them from the larger structure. Pogatetz and VanDeman capture interiors: hauntingly beautiful and ghostly vacant, with only crumbs of life left behind. Together, these artists reveal the interior and exterior of skyscrapers, homes, and factories, examining two very different sides of the same coin.

View the online exhibition here.

Harmony 35, 2019 © Jim Ferguson

About the Artists:

Recently, Jim Ferguson “remerged” back into the fine art photography world, but this is his second round of showing and selling work. Years back, he received a BFA from San Francisco Art Institute and an MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. In the fall of 2017, Ferguson re-emerged into the fine art world full time. Since “reemerging” he has exhibited at Catherine Edelman Gallery and has been included in various group exhibitions. 

Angie McMonigal moved to Chicago more than 15 years ago and has been exploring the city with her camera ever since. Raised in a small town in Wisconsin, she approaches the urban environment with the spirit of someone who grew up surrounded by nature, finding moments of meditative calm in terrain that is always transforming. Focusing more frequently on bold architectural details rather than sweeping cityscapes, her photographs celebrate those unexpectedly iconic elements hiding in plain sight. 

Brad Pogatetz
's work is fueled by an insatiable desire to explore our manufactured environment. Throughout this eternal voyage across the visual landscape, he captures images from a unique vantage point that documents his experiences. He is perpetually drawn towards places that are isolated and often forgotten by time and society. Photography enables him to preserve and examine these scenes that constantly occur around us and often go unnoticed. 

Samantha VanDeman grew up in the suburbs of Chicago and recieved her BFA from Columbia College Chicago. She earned her MFA from the Art Institute of Boston at Lesley University in 2009. Samantha has been exhibited her work at Emory Visual Arts Gallery, Atlanta, GA; Finch and Ada, NY; New Orleans Photo Alliance Gallery, New Orleans, LA, and more. She was selected as a winner for Flash Forward 2013 and won first place for architectural interiors in The International Photography Awards. 

Blue Sofa - Hotel Columbia in Sharon Springs, New York, 2012 © Samantha VanDeman

Factory, 2018 © Brad Pogatetz