EXPO CHICAGO Exhibition Weekend + West Town Art Walk

We’re thrilled to participate in EXPO CHICAGO'S EXHIBITION Weekend, an online showcase of Chicago-based exhibitions, galleries, and institutions, highlighted by virtual tours and programming this September 25–27. During EXHIBITION Weekend will also be the West Town Art Walk 2020, which will be a hybrid event, with virtual and in-person elements. Join us for a weekend full of art!

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Colleen Plumb & Katherine Kassouf Cummings on their piece "The Invisible Visible (A Phoenix Zones Initiative Project), 2020"

Artist Colleen Plumb & writer Katherine Kassouf Cummings share with us the process and inspiration behind their collaborative, interactive piece The Invisible Visible (A Phoenix Zones Initiative Project), 2020, on view as part of "Photography & _____." Expressed through photography, sculpture, video, and writing, Colleen Plumb & Katherine Kassouf Cummings’ collaboration invites an examination of our relationship to the invisible that exists all around us.


Jeff Wolin & Jennifer Greenburg their collaboration for "Photography & _____"

Jeffrey Wolin & Jennifer Greenburg discuss their collaborative piece "Still Life: A Coronavirus Dialog, 2020" that they made during quarantine for our current exhibition "Photography & _____". The obstacle of collaborative work, done without the ability to meet, had to be overcome. They met via Zoom every week while mostly making photographs by ourselves in isolation. When they began sharing images with one another, they were pleasantly surprised to discover how many seemed to pair up; they were having a symbiotic experience.