New series by Michael Koerner

Michael Koerner's newest series is titled "The God Cell," which features mirrored abstractions of golds and reds. The artist uses his background in chemistry to create his work through a 19the century, camera-less process. His work explores his family history and genetics through tintypes.

About his process, Koerner explains:

"A lot of genetics and a lot of exploration of health and spirituality goes into these tintypes. It's drawing on my background in Chemistry. I teach pharmaceutical sciences and medicinal chemistry at the University of Illinois and science is part of who I am. I'm using science to do chemistry on a photosensitized plate from the 1860s." 

View the full series here!

The God Cell #0895L-#0899R, 2020

The God Cell #0771L-#0832R, 2020

 The God Cell #0882L-#0878R, 2020