"pool, 2020" by Sonja Thomsen & Thom Bridge

For our current exhibition "Photography & _____," Sonja Thomsen and Thom Bridge collaborated from across the ocean to create their piece "pool, 2020." Get a behind-the-scenes look at their collaborative process as the two artists share their experience creating this multi-layered piece!

Working between London and Wisconsin, the pair see the framework of archipelagos as a metaphor for the synergy in their practices, separated yet connected, underneath the surface. Coincidentally, the Stockholm archipelago is a geography that has radiant personal histories for both of these lens based artists who look to tease the elasticity of memory and photographic material. Using their own rock collections from the Baltic, Lake Michigan and the English Channel as source material, the pair has been passing images back and forth to each other to create the final piece!

Sonja Thomsen is an American artist whose multifaceted practice choreographs light in space, photograph and sculpture. Working in abstraction while pointedly engaged with questions of equity, Thomsen’s installation practice engages the public in wonder as a radical way to imagine post-patriarchal futures.

Thom Bridge is a Swedish British artist interested in the dualities, translations and movement of images as well as the mechanics and languages of photography. This manifests through the practices and display of print-making, sculpture and installation. In the on-going collaboration T. Bridge with his identical twin, Theo, the pair seek to question their shared image-identity by declaring that twins are in fact photography.

See the work in progress below!