Work From Home: Jeffrey Wolin

For this week's Work From Home, we hear from Jeffrey Wolin, who tells us about his portraits series of people experiencing homelessness. Wolin works with homeless organization in Chicago and L.A. to help him identify individuals to photograph who can give informed consent.

"I'm trying to show that this stereotype of the homeless--all drug attics or alcoholics--does not actually represent the true scope of this widespread societal crisis."

More than fifteen years ago, Jeffrey Wolin decided to combine his love of words with his passion for making photographs, producing narrative images which offer the viewer a glimpse into the lives depicted. Whether pointing the camera at himself, his family or strangers, Wolin writes stories directly on his photographs, weaving narratives in and around faces, offering the viewer a more complete understanding of the person shown.

Tough, vulnerable and honest, Wolin confronts the viewer with narratives few of us could dismiss. "Telling Stories: Fifteen Years of Photographs with Writing" traces Wolin's amazing ability to make us feel anger, empathy and compassion for people we only know through a portrait. His skill as both a writer and photographer is unparalleled in contemporary photography -- a testament to his innate capabilities and dedication.

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[Below Image: Melodi Serna by Jeffrey Wolin]