Work From Home: Doug Prince

For this week's Work From Home, we hear from Doug Prince from inside his studio in Portsmouth, NH. Doug tells us about his process creating digital images, and discusses his two newest series Auction Sites and Horizon Lines.

"This winter and spring, I've worked on two projects: "Auction Sites" and "Horizon Lines." Auction Sites is a series of images based off photographs in auction catalogues. The second project is based on that perfectly straight horizon line that is created by the illusion of the sky meeting the water."


Doug Prince constructs his pieces, blurring the line between fact and fiction, reminding us that photographs are taken and made. He started combining negatives in the late 1960s, exploring new avenues of representation. One of his most renowned series is his photo-sculptures, images printed on film which are sandwiched between Plexiglas, creating a photographic fantasy. As light passes through the “boxes,” objects appear sharper, creating a drama, which taps into our memories and dreams.

View Doug Prince's photo-sculptures here.