Work From Home: Robert ParkeHarrison

For this week's Work From Home, we hear from Robert ParkeHarrison, who tells us what he and his wife and partner Shana ParkeHarrison are currently working on, and shares some great advice on how to stay motivated each day during a time when its hard to stay focused.

"It's been difficult to stay focus during this time. I think that being creative and making art is difficult in and of itself, but because of the uncertainty of this time and keeping up with the news and all of that does make it a little bit harder to be focused. So I'm finding that I'm having to be even more disciplined each day."

"You have to be constantly curious and interested in new idea, exploring lots of resource and influences that can inform the work and get you up in the morning to make the work. It's also important to set long range goals that you try to meet a little bit each day."

Robert & Shana ParkeHarrison create photographs that explore human’s relationship to the earth and the ramifications of our continued disregard for its longevity. The duo create environments specifically to be photographed that are reminiscent of theater or film stills. The ParkeHarrisons received a Guggenheim Fellow in 1999, an Artist Grant in Photography from the Massachusetts Cultural Council in 2001 and 1996, among other awards. Their works are included in numerous collections including Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Whitney Museum of American Art (NYC), Museum of Fine Arts (Houston) and the International Museum of Photography at George Eastman House.

View work by the ParkeHarrison's on our website here.