The Viewing Room: Terry Evans

In our newest video series "The Viewing Room," we take you inside our gallery's viewing room and flip through new photographs by gallery artists, giving you an intimate look at the physical prints. This week we look at work by Terry Evans.

Juli Lowe tells us about Terry Evans' piece titled Spring Bur Oak, April-May, 2019: "This image is a bur oak in the Spring taken during March and April of last year, and you can see the transition that happens. But rather than just taking one large photo, Terry takes many, many images and digitally collages them together to create this overwhelming sense of what life is like for that tree over the two months she has photographed it."

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Terry Evans was born in the heart of the American prairie, Kansas City, Missouri, spending most of her adult life in Salina before moving to Chicago. It is in Kansas, among the hay bales, grain silos and cultivated fields, that Terry's passion for the great plains was born - a passion that has led her on a photographic journey spanning more than twenty years.

Before the advent of agriculturists and the invasion of the plow, the prairie was inundated by herds of buffalo, elk and prairie dogs living harmoniously within the grassland. Decades later, the buffalo have disappeared, several plant species are now obsolete, and the tallgrass has been replaced by crop circles and manicured paths. It is this change that Evans has been photographing. When speaking about her photographs, Evans says her images..."show marks that contain contradictions and mysteries which raise questions about how we live on the prairie.

View more work from Terry Evans' series Ancient Prairies here.