Work From Home: Serge Najjar

For this week's Work From Home, we hear from Serge Najjar from inside his studio in Beirut, Lebanon. Serge tells us what he's currently working on and shares some tips on staying motivated.

"My first tip would be reading about vintage photography and also books on the history of art. The second tip would be to take some distance from photography, from creation--like cooking or listening to music. The third tip would be to look at light, the illusion of light, and the affect of light. Look at little details of everyday life. This inspires me a lot to have new ideas and continue the process of creating."

Najjar started photographs the interaction of people and architecture in his native Beirut. Influenced by the work of Kazimir Malevich, Josef Albers, Ellsworth Kelly, Frank Stella, and Alexander Rodchenko, Najjar takes to the streets, focusing his lens on daily routines: construction workers sitting on a building ledge during lunch break, the sharp lines of a high-rise facade, a man looking out an open window, and children sitting on a windowsill. Whether working in Beirut, Munich or other places he visits, Najjar’s vision is unwavering - to show other people what they may not see themselves.

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