The Viewing Room: Julie Blackmon

Introducing our newest video series "The Viewing Room," where we take you inside our gallery's viewing room and flip through new photographs by gallery artists, giving you an intimate look at the physical prints. This week we look at new work by Julie Blackmon.

Juli Lowe tells us about the work: "Julie Blackmon is the oldest of nine, she lives and works in Springfield, Missouri. She's been photographing her whole family throughout this series. The work really is about her life as an artist and as a mother, and how the two of those worlds come together."

These images are both fictional and auto-biographical, and reflect not only our lives today and as children growing up in a large family, but also move beyond the documentary to explore the fantastic elements of our everyday lives, both imagined and real. The expectations of family life have never been more at odds with each other. These issues, as well as the relationship between the domestic landscape of the past and present, are issues Blackmon explores in her photographs

If you would like to schedule a print viewing (virtual or in-person), contact us and let us know! Contact Juli Lowe at

View more work by Julie Blackmon here.