Hot Off The Press: Keith Carter

 In our video series Hot Off The Press, we have conversations with gallery artists about their work. In this week's episode, Catherine Edelman talks with Keith Carter about his newest work. Specifically, Keith shares with his thoughts on three of his pieces: Mother and Child, 2016, Sisters, 2019, and Into the Mystic, 2019.

"I made [Mother and Child] in Havana at the train station. It was a mother and child and  they were both tired standing in line. Sometimes we can say so much more from the back just from body language than you can from the face or gesture. I made [Sisters] in Japan--I went to Japan for the first time last year. The rural areas is where I staged myself and I found it kind of transcendent and by my standard, a spiritual space. But what I've been doing recently is making a straight photograph and then I will print it in wet plate."

View more of Keith Carter's new work here.