Spotlight: "From the Shadows"

Every week we are launching an exhibition that includes work by a gallery artist, or a thematic show based on our inventory. This week's Spotlight exhibition is From the Shadows.

"Shadows are often seen as dark and mysterious, implying foreboding or hidden undertones. Yet the history of photography — think Bill Brandt, Henri Cartier-Bresson, André Kertész — proves that shadows can inspire, excite, and create a mood of contemplation, often showing us what we can not easily see. From the Shadows presents work that references these elements, which both reveal and conceal. Michael Kenna, Clarissa Bonet, Serge Najjar, and Liat Elbling use shadows to inform and shape their compositions, offering solace and intrigue. Michael Koerner and Garrett O. Hansen’s illuminate issues both private and political — such as family illness and gun violence —that are often kept in the dark and out of the mainstream. These exhibited works explore what can be created From the Shadows, inviting us to look a bit closer and step into the darkness."

- Christina Nafziger 

View the full exhibtion here: