Hot Off The Press: Alejandro Cartagena

In our new video series Hot Off The Press, we have conversations with our photographers about their new work. In this week's episode, we are talking to Alejandro Cartagena, who as just recently been added to the gallery's roster of artists. He discusses with Catherine Edelman his new series "We Are Things," using vintage photography to comment on the social crisis in Mexico. 

"[My work is] always about the idea of how we create space through images, we create ideas through images," explains Cartagena, "It's about how photography has that power to make us think of things in one way, and I'm trying to find a way to find those stretchers and show them through collages and through the archive that I've built."

Watch full video here.

Alejandro Cartagena discusses his series "We Are Things," which would have been shown at Paris Photo New York this year:

"I've been thinking about my work that you were going to show at [Paris Photo New York] because it's about people who are there and suddenly are not there. I wanted to find a way to still engage with the idea that we are still in a social crisis in Mexico--there are things that are explainable: the disappearances, the violence, etc."

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