Hot Off The Press: Francesco Pergolesi

Introducing Hot Off The Press, a new video series where we have conversations with our photographers about their new work. We are kicking off this series by talking to Italian artist Francesco Pergolesi about his new series "STARS."

Discussing his new series, Pergolesi explains: "STARS came from my personal history--what I remember about my mother and all of the women that was around me during my life. They are all angels. A lot of the women I knew when I was a child were working all of the time at home." The interior of the home being the main setting in this series, he says, "I grew up with a sense of love for interiors because interiors conserve the intimacy and the history of the people that lives inside."

Watch the full video here.

Francesco Pergolesi was born in Venice in 1975. After finishing his law degree, dedicated himself entirely to photography. He is an artist-photographer whose work explores the territory of memory. Every single shot is a kind of a theater scene. His subjects are revealed in the lights and shadows reminiscent of Flemish paintings. He lives and works between Spoleto, Rome and Barcelona.

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