Spotlight: "At Home"

Every week we are launching an exhibition that includes work by a gallery artist, or a thematic show based on our inventory. This week's Spotlight exhibition is "At Home." From the controlled chaos in Julie Blackmon’s images, to the peaceful serenity in Doug Prince’s light boxes and Kate Breakey’s still lifes, to the imaginative worlds portrayed by Robert & Shana ParkeHarrison and Elizabeth Ernst, "At Home" reminds us of things we may take for granted and yet are most important.

Week at a Glance #2

As part of our series of online initiatives, we have launched weekly posts that provide you with a look at what we will be discussing and sharing throughout the week. This Week at a Glance includes a conversation with Terry Evans discussing her newest work, a studio visit with Floriane de Lassée, and the new Spotlight exhibition "At Home."