Aint-Bad Discusses "New Formations" with CEG's Juli Lowe

Image: Installation view of "New Formations" at Catherine Edelman Gallery.


Aint-Bad, an online and in-print magazine focusing on the photographic arts, interviewed CEG Director Juli Lowe, discussing our exhibition New Formations.

In the interview, writer Kyra Schmidt points out that many of the artists included in the exhibition use found photography in their work, asking Juli Lowe: "Why was this an important detail for you? What does this say about the state of contemporary photography?"

"They aren't all working with found images," explains Juli, "but they all collect photographic images and material to create their own archive. The massive number of images in our digital culture is astonishing. It can create the feeling that everything has already been photographed; nothing is new. In response, these four artists draw from the massive number of images available to them to form their own archive. From this archive, a new visual language is created that challenges the proliferation of photographs available on a daily basis."

New Formations runs through March 7, 2020 and includes work by Aimée Beaubien, Nicolás Combarro, Hannah Hughes, and Lilly Lulay. The exhibition includes one-of-a-kind collages, painted photographs, a large-scale site-specific installation, and video works. Together, the images reference sculpture, painting, architecture and the natural world through the visual exploration of the photograph as material.

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Image: Installation view of "New Formations at Catherine Edelman Gallery.

Image: Installation view of "New Formations" at Catherine Edelman Gallery