Black + White Photography Magazine Features Jim Ferguson

In their January issue, Black + White Photography Magazine featured 15 photographs from Jim Ferguson's series Reconstructed Space. About this series, Jim says:

"The Reconstructed Space series is all done in camera, but I try to create something unexpected and unfamiliar, unsettling our ideas of where something should be. I want my photos to draw you in with both their striking layers and curious ambiguity. The locations are ambiguous while I strive to make the images both familiar but elusive... transcending and uniting disparate elements into timeless prominence. Ultimately, I want the image be a catalyst for the viewer to spark their own relationship to the photograph."

Jim Ferguson received a BFA from San Francisco Art Institute and an MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. He is part of our Chicago Project, an online gallery devoted to new and established photographers in the Chicago area who we feel deserve recognition.

View work by Jim Ferguson.

Image: A black and white photograph of various architectural structures.