Le Temps: Lea Lund & Erik K: «Tout s’organise autour d’un fil invisible»

La photographe Lea Lund et sa muse, son mari Erik K, exposent dès le 17 septembre à la galerie Catherine Edelman à Chicago. Le couple d’artistes lausannois y dévoile, sous le titre «Nomads», une série de photographies qu’ils ont prises en sillonnant l’Europe à bord de leur bus. Rencontre La galeriste américaine perçoit le travail du couple comme étant politique. «En Europe, nous sommes plutôt considérés comme des photographes de l’élégance et de l’architecture.» Elle enchaîne: «dans le contexte postBlack Lives Matters aux Etats-Unis, il y a des photographies que notre galeriste n’ose pas montrer.»

Globetrotting Collaborators:: Lea Lund and Erik K at Catherine Edelman Gallery

AIPAD NEWS: In Chicago, an exhibition of work by Lea Lund and Erik K opens at the Catherine Edelman Gallery on September 17. Erik K and Lea Lund met ten years ago in Zurich, and Lea describes their partnership as “an artistic performance where photography is the medium.” Clothing plays an important role in her photographs of Erik: “I am an elegant man,” he says. “I like creation. And for me, clothing is a kind of psychotherapy – it makes me happy, it’s my identity.” But Lea also sees his clothing as a kind of carapace, a form of self-protection, perhaps a shelter against the history of colonialism and racism. Lea was born in Switzerland, Erik in Zaire, and their photographic collaboration includes images of Erik, in beautiful, bespoke clothing, posed in locations all over the world – Brooklyn, Paris, Seville, and Lausanne, to name a few. The photographs explore fashion, the creation of identity, and the effects of colonization. Lea often photographs Erik in widely varied settings and roles: having his shoes shined; as a landowner surveying the rolling hills of Tuscany; In the Musei di Palazzo Poggi in Bologna; and wearing an embroidered velvet cloak and holding a bouquet of flowers in a 2016 work called Untitled [The Pope] , one of several photographs in the show bordered by intricate designs that Erik engraved.

ART: Lea Lund & Erik K Have American Debut At Catherine Edelman Gallery

New City: Catherine Edelman Gallery will present “Lea Lund & Erik K: Nomads,” the artists’ first solo gallery exhibition in the United States. The show runs September 17-December 4. Lea Lund & Erik K’s photographic collaboration “is a story about love, a photographer finding her muse, and a subject claiming his identity,” the gallery relays. “Lea, born and raised in Switzerland, and Erik, born and raised in Zaire, now the Democratic Republic of Congo, met ten years ago on a street in Lausanne and have been together since. Their photographs explore their relationship, the history of Zaire, and the effects of colonization on Erik and his identity.

Lea Lund & Erik K: Nomads

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MUSÉE Magazine: FEATURE: SPILL Written by Grace Russell I will never forget the day that news broke of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010. Up until then, I saw the climate through rose-colored glasses and was unaware of how much humanity was damaging our planet right in front of me. Since then, the topic of climate change has become a significant focus in my life and the lives of many others. As the years go by and human errors continue to have disastrous effects, pressing issues are put on the backburner. As we silently sit back and let these disasters happen, our planet suffers. After the underwater gas leak in the Gulf of Mexico two weeks ago, the focus is once again on the oil companies for their negligence of our planet’s fragility. An explosion, aptly dubbed the “Eye of Fire,” generated a devastating cascade of flames on the surface resembling molten lava. According to Pemex, the oil company, the fire was caused by a gas leak from an undersea pipeline that built up in the water, ignited by a strike of lightning. It was put out in just over five hours. While deeply upsetting and condemnable, these disasters also bring opportunities for artists to depict the reality of the situation. Daniel Beltrá, a Spanish photographer, focuses on the human impact on our environment throughout his work. In his collection of images from the 2010 BP oil spill, titled SPILL, Beltrá depicts the unfiltered consequences of these man-made errors while also projecting a critical view on climate change.

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