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Catherine Edelman Gallery | Closing Dec. 31, 2022 “We hope you enjoy the second exhibition of work we have collected over the years by artists shown at the gallery. "From the Archives II" features pieces shown over the past 34+ years, including work by Joel-Peter Witkin, Alex Webb, James Fee, and Bruce Davidson, among others.” - Edelman Gallery


HOMELESSNESS; Marisa Lucchese March 31, 2022 As a photography student, the discussions of ethics and proper treatment of subjects consistently come up in my classes. How do you handle sensitive subjects? How do you properly tell someone else’s story if you yourself have never been in that position? Jeffrey Wolin’s work perfectly encapsulates how to confront some of these difficult questions. He takes the sensitive subject of homelessness and handles it with care and respect. Rather than the same old photos of people sleeping on heating grates, which often objectifies the subject,

Lense: Les portraits saisissants de personnes sans-abris par Jeffrey Wolin

Le photographe américain Jeffrey Wolin présente une nouvelle série frappante : Faces of Homelessness, un reportage qui pointe les réflecteurs sur la crise du logement à travers des portraits de personnes sans-abris.

PetaPixel: Photographer Uses Photos and Words to Help Understand Homelessness

Photographer Jeffrey A. Wolin’s Faces of Homelessness is a photo/text series that focuses on people who are homeless or have been homeless in the past. In January 2020, there were 580,466 people experiencing homelessness in America. Most were individuals (70 percent), and the rest were people living in families with children. COVID-19 disrupted statistics for 2021, and these would be available later this year.

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Artsy: What Collectors Need to Know about Art Shipping

Most artwork is static. Consequently, when art is moved—either within a gallery or collection, or between sites—the level of risk shoots up. There are dozens of famous examples of artwork being lost, stolen, or damaged while in transit—from Francisco de Goya’s Children with a Cart (1779), which was stolen in 2006 near Scranton, Pennsylvania, while on its way to the Guggenheim in New York; to the firebombing of Gustave Courbet’s The Stone Breakers (1849) in 1945 while it was being moved out of Dresden, Germany; to the accidental destruction of Lucian Freud’s Untitled Oil Painting (1960s) in 2000 by handlers at Sotheby’s who mistook its box for an empty crate. Kehrer Verlag publishes Jeffrey A. Wolin's 'Faces of Homelessness'

NEW YORK, NY.- Homelessness takes many forms beyond living on the streets. Factors besides mental illness and addiction contribute to the problem.There are homeless veterans;families who were evicted when their residences were foreclosed on; people with sudden medical expenses that insurance didn’t cover. Job loss, divorce, death of a spouse or parent, domestic violence, discrimination based on sexual orientation, lack of affordable housing, etc., all drive homelessness.