Image: Clarissa Bonet and Natalie Krick talking to each other via Zoom.

Clarissa Bonet & Natalie Krick discuss their piece "Palm Perplexity"

For our current exhibition "Photography & _____," Clarissa Bonet and Natalie Krick collaborated cross the country to create their dynamic piece "Palm Perplexity, 2020." Over the past few months, they have passed photographs back and forth, between Seattle and Chicago, altering the images with each exchange.


New Series by Barbara Diener

In Barbara Diener's new "The Rocket's Red Glare," she follows the footsteps of two instrumental rocket scientists in the 1930s: Wernher von Braun in Germany and Jack Parsons in Pasadena, CA. To weave together a sense of these two complicated stories, Diener has photographed places of significance and appropriated archival material. Rather than presenting a complete view of this history, she poses questions, looking at the way that history is passed on through generations, and how facts are distorted, embellished, or undermined.

Image: Julie Lowe holds a gelatin silver print by Arno Rafael Minkkinen

The Viewing Room: Arno Rafael Minkkinen

We are back with our series "The Viewing Room," where we take you inside our viewing room to see prints up close and personal! This week, Juli Lowe flips through gelatin silver prints by Arno Rafael Minkkinen, who photographs his body interacting and coexisting with nature.

Image: Artists Susan Aurinko and Misha Goro sit smiling while looking at the viewer. They are in opposite side of the composition.

"Russian Impressions I & II, 2019/2020," by Susan Aurinko & Misha Goro

Susan Aurinko and Misha Goro chat about their collaborative piece "Russian Impressions I & II, 2019/2020," currently on view in our current exhibition "Photography & _____."


New series by Michael Koerner

Michael Koerner's newest series is titled "The God Cell," which features mirrored abstractions of golds and reds. The artist uses his background in chemistry to create his work through a 19the century, camera-less process. His work explores his family history and genetics through tintypes.


"pool, 2020" by Sonja Thomsen & Thom Bridge

For our current exhibition "Photography & _____," Sonja Thomsen and Thom Bridge collaborated from across the ocean to create their piece "pool, 2020." Get a behind-the-scenes look at their collaborative process as the two artists share their experience creating this multi-layered piece!