From the Archives II: Rare & Sold out Photographs October 7 — December 31, 2022

We hope you enjoy the second exhibition of work we have collected over the years by artists shown at the gallery. "From the Archives II" features pieces shown over the past 34+ years, including work by Joel-Peter Witkin, Alex Webb, James Fee, and Bruce Davidson, among others.


All pieces are priced under market value.

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Catherine Angel
Helen, Nadine, and Bessie, 1997

Tom Baril
Parrot Tulip [Ref. 560], 1998

Tom Baril
Gloxiniabuds [Ref. 569], 1998

Stern Bramson
Stocking the pantry, home for the elderly: Little sisters of the Poor Good Mother. circa 1959. Printed later,
Stern Bramson
Rialto Block, (Shoot the Japs) Louisville, KY. circa 1959. Printed later,
Keith Carter
Silhouette, 1994
Clark & Pougnaud
Bettina, 2000
Bruce Davidson
The Dwarf, 1958
Alain Desvergnes
Fred McDowell at Home, Red Bank, MS.,, 1963-65/printed 1994
John Dugdale
Long Enough, 1999
James Fee
Untitled (2 hands), 1990s
Greg Gorman
Johnny Depp, 1993

David Lebe
The Light Eater, Renato, 1983

Herman Leonard
Ella Fitzgerald, Duke Ellington, Benny Goodman, Downbeat Club, NYC [ELF03] , 1949 / printed 2012
Herman Leonard
Frank Sinatra, NYC [FRS02], 1956/ printed later
Deborah Luster
LSP #23, 1999

secondary market only

Richard Misrach
Desert Croquet #3 (Balls, Plane, Car), Black Rock Desert, Nevada, 1987

secondary market only

David Plowden
Grain Elevators, Golden Valley, ND, 1971
David Plowden
Methodist church, Saline County, MO, 1974
Dan Ragland
Levant, 2002

secondary market only

Lauren E. Simonutti
Mad Eyes, 2007

secondary market only

Lauren E. Simonutti
Idle Hands, 2011

secondary market only

Jack Spencer
Razor Blade, Clarksdale, MS, 1998
Robert Stivers
Blue Baby, 1996
Jock Sturges
Mike with Chicken, 1993
Alex Webb
Mexico, 1983
Joel-Peter Witkin
The Bra of Joan Miro, NM.,, 1982

secondary market only