Connections April 6 — April 13, 2020

Connections is inspired by an exhibition Catherine and I saw at The Morgan Library & Museum in 2014 titled, A Collective Invention: Photographs at Play. Each photograph in the exhibition was linked to the image before and after by a specific visual element. We watched as viewers walked around studying each image, truly engaged with the relationships formed within the work.

This is my take on that exhibition. I hope you enjoy looking closely at each image to discover the Connections. On Thursday, we will post the “answers” on social media, though there are many ways the images relate!

- Director Juli Lowe



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Liat Elbling
Untitled (Full), 2015
Serge Najjar
Grays and Wires, 2016
Joel-Peter Witkin
Poussin in Hell, Paris, 1999
Dan Estabrook
Diagram, 2008
Laurent Millet
La Methode 29, 2001
Julie Blackmon
New Neighbors, 2020
Alejandro Cartagena
We Are Things #94, 2020
Sandro Miller
Richard Avedon / Ronald Fischer, Beekeeper, Davis, California, May 9 (1981), 2014
Ron van Dongen
Papaver nudicaule III [SL 23], 1997
Ysabel LeMay
Cosmea, 2016
Kate Breakey
Lunar Eclipse I, Tucson Arizona, Super Moon, January 31 [Ref. #312], 2018
Keith Carter
Earth Moon and Water, 2013
Lynn Geesaman
Sluis, the Netherlands [Ref. 4-04-4-5], 2004
Clarissa Bonet
Taxi, 2012