Adolescence April 14 — April 20, 2020

"During these challenging times, I have heard it said that we need to look to the youth for hope. They have faith and give us something to believe in; they remind us of our dreams for a better future that we are all striving to achieve. Their belief and spirit are uncompromising and an example to us all. In this exhibition, I wanted to examine some of the photographs of children from our gallery artists in order to contemplate our current state and revive my spirit through the lens of Adolescence."

- Tim Campos



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Shelby Lee Adams
Children with Blind Horse , 2008
Keliy Anderson-Staley
Ruby 1, 2012
Tami Bahat
The Slumber, 2017
Marina Black
Brother and Sister, 2018
Julie Blackmon
Take Off, 2009
Keith Carter
Stars, 1995
Bruce Davison
Wales, 1965
Floriane de Lassée
Filles, Nepal, 2013
Robert & Shana ParkeHarrison
Elegy, 2007
Olivia Parker
Child, 1980

Francesco Pergolesi
Amelie, 2019
David Plowden
Kelley Bradley, Scotch Grove, May, 1987
Doug Prince
Boy on the Porch , 1996
Bettina von Zwehl
Rosa (Lampropeltis Getula Splendida), 2016
Jeffrey Wolin
Sunlight, 1999