Adolescence April 14 — April 20, 2020

"During these challenging times, I have heard it said that we need to look to the youth for hope. They have faith and give us something to believe in; they remind us of our dreams for a better future that we are all striving to achieve. Their belief and spirit are uncompromising and an example to us all. In this exhibition, I wanted to examine some of the photographs of children from our gallery artists in order to contemplate our current state and revive my spirit through the lens of Adolescence."

- Tim Campos



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Shelby Lee Adams
Children with Blind Horse , 2008
Keliy Anderson-Staley
Ruby 1, 2012
Tami Bahat
The Slumber, 2017
Julie Blackmon
Take Off, 2009
Keith Carter
Stars, 1995
Bruce Davison
Wales, 1965
Floriane de Lassée
Filles, Nepal, 2013
Robert & Shana ParkeHarrison
Elegy, 2007
Olivia Parker
Child, 1980

David Plowden
Kelley Bradley, Scotch Grove, May, 1987
Doug Prince
Boy on the Porch , 1996
Bettina von Zwehl
Rosa (Lampropeltis Getula Splendida), 2016
Jeffrey Wolin
Sunlight, 1999