Amanda Musick November 15 — January 4, 2020

Land Unfolding examines the natural environment and the ways in which a photograph can function to represent place. The dichotomy of artificial and natural environments is explored through using photographs I made in real landscapes to construct new, illusive vistas and forms. 

Landscape collages are created through a process of deconstructing and assembling multiple photographs to reconstruct another single view of the original landscape. The landscape piles are made from the deconstructed remains of the collages. The way in which these pile forms float in space portray a sense of loss, void, and skewed reality. The processes of deconstruction and reconstruction I employ speaks to our continually changing landscape as well as our attempt to preserve and piece it back together. 




Amanda Musick (b.1990 Kingsport, TN) is an artist and educator working in Upstate South Carolina. Musick uses photography and sculpture exploring how a photograph can operate to represent the landscape. In her studio practice she uses photographic prints and assembles them into forms that investigate our relationship to the natural environment. She received her BFA in Studio Art from East Tennessee State University and her MFA in Photography from Clemson University in Clemson, South Carolina in 2018. Musick will be an Artist-in-Residence at Anderson Ranch Arts Center in the Fall of 2019. 


Land Unfolding images are available as 24 x 36" and 32 x 48” pigment prints made in an edition of 20 + 2AP's and 10 + 2AP's, respectively. Pieces range in price from $500 to $750. Laurel Fork Falls, Jocassee Gorges, South Carolina I, 2018 is available 36 x 21” made in an edition of 20 + 2AP’s for $775 and 72 x 43” made in an edition of 4 + 2AP’s for $2125.

Please call: (312) 266-2350 for prices of specific pieces.
Prices are print only unless otherwise indicated.

Install image 1, 2019

Install image 2, 2019

Amanda Musick
Big Rock Mountain, Nine Times, South Carolina I, 2018
Amanda Musick
Devil's Backbone Trail, Kingsport, Tennessee I, 2018
Amanda Musick
Laurel Fork Falls, Jocasse Gorges, South Carolina I, 2018