Tara Bogart May 2 — July 3, 2014

In 2011, I visited the photo archives of the National Library of France. While everything was inspirational, one photograph haunted me for months following my visit. “Hair Study”, by Felix Nadar depicts just a woman’s back and her hair. I could not stop thinking about what that same image would look like today.

“a modern hair study” consists of portraits of young women photographed from behind. By focusing on the back, the viewer is forced to contend with all of the peripheral things that make each woman unique.

In these intimate portraits I am a voyeur concentrating on a generation that is not mine. While certain ideals are often relevant to different generations, the ways in which women adorn and modify themselves often indicate the struggles of a young adult with their own ideology and individuality.

After photographing these women, I can imagine these struggles are timeless. Existing today as well as when the original Nadar portrait was taken.

Tara Bogart is an artist residing in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. As a teenager she began ‘working’ in her Mother’s darkroom and has nurtured a lifelong passion for photography. Bogart’s work has been exhibited nationally and published internationally. She was also selected for Review Santa Fe 100 2012, Collect.Give, and she was “selected” for American Photography 29 publication in 2013. She has participated in exhibitions juried by Todd Hido (Rayko Gallery, San Francisco), Catherine Edelman and Brian Ulrich. She is an educator at the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design.

Images are available as 14 x 11" and 20 x 16" pigment prints made in editions of 12 (small) and 9 (large). Pieces range in price from $1100 to $3600 depending on the size and availability.

Please call: (312) 266-2350 for prices of specific pieces.
Prices are print only unless otherwise indicated.

Tara Bogart
Nina, 2012
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Tara Bogart
Sarah, 2012
Tara Bogart
Teresa G., 2013