Evgenia Arbugaeva July 13 — September 1, 2012


Once upon a time in Siberia, on the shores of the Arctic Ocean, in a warm bed in a small town, a little girl woke up from a dream. It was morning, but it was still dark out, for the little town was so far North that the sun would not show itself for many months. They called this the Polar Night.

The little girl rubbed the sleep from her eyes and dressed in the dark. She put on her pink jacket and red stocking cap and stepped outside. Her breath froze and she walked in the direction of school. All around her were endless fields of frozen tundra. But the fields were not white like you might think, for up above the Aurora Borealis lit up the sky. It looked like a big green breath frozen in the heavens and all around the little girl were beautiful colors.  The snow was painted green.  And on some mornings—if she was lucky—she'd even see bits of blue, yellow and pink on her walk to school.

She loved these colors very much. Walking through them made her imagination come alive. She liked to think of the fields as blank canvases for Mother Nature to paint upon.  And what did that make her? Was she part of the painting too, in her pink jacket and red hat?

She smiled and her mind began dreaming of the days when the Polar Night would come to an end, when the first sun would light up the snowy mountains, making it look like blueberry ice cream. And then the summer would come, the snow would melt and the tundra would transform into planet Mars with it's golden color seeming to stretch out forever in every direction.

She thought to herself, "Every season has its own colors." She stored all these colors in her heart, and walked beneath the Aurora Borealis in this little town way up North.

The town was called Tiksi...


Evgenia Arbugaeva (b. 1985) was born in the Siberian town Tiksi in Russia. She received her BA degree in arts management from the International University in Moscow. In 2009, Evgenia graduated from the International Center of Photography Photojournalism and Documentary Program. She now works as a freelance photographer between Russia and New York.

All images are available as 13 x 19" and 18 x 28" digital chromogenic prints made in editions of 10 + 2 APs and 8 + 1 AP, respectively. Pieces range in price from $950 to $4000, depending on size and availability.

Please call: (312) 266-2350 for prices of specific pieces.
Prices are print only unless otherwise indicated.

Evgenia Arbugaeva
Astronaut on Neptune or Tanya wears snow mask, 2011
Evgenia Arbugaeva
Tanya and the balloon , 2011
Evgenia Arbugaeva
Tanya being Jacques-Yves Cousteau, 2011
Evgenia Arbugaeva
Tiksi in February, 2011
Evgenia Arbugaeva
Uncle Vanya, 2011