Under the Influence: The Photographic Homage July 14 — September 2, 2006

If imitation is the greatest form of flattery, then photographers are some of the most accomplished adulators. Throughout history, photographers have payed homage to those before them. The 1980/90s was one of the richest time periods for such work, as an influx of photographers made pieces which commented on art history. From Cindy Sherman’s re-creation of movie stills, to Sherry Levine’s direct copies of famous historical photographs, to Mark Klett walking in the footsteps of 19th c. survey photographers, to Andres Serrano’s bow to Edward Curtis, photographers have been some of the most prolific artists paying homage to their own.

Under the Influence brings together photographers who unabashedly pay respect to specific images or artists. From Michael Kenna’s nod to Charles Sheeler, Annie Leibovitz’s wink to Lewis Hine’s mechanic, Clark & Pougnaud’s adoration of Edward Hopper, Shelby Lee Adams and Gordon Park’s re-staging of The American Gothic, and Joel-Peter Witkin, whose entire body of work is a tribute to artists throughout art history, photographers have been at the forefront of acknowledgment, paying respect to those before them.

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Clark & Pougnaud
Hommage À Edward Hopper, 2000

Shelby Lee Adams
Peggy and Albert Campbell, 1999
Kathy Grove
The Other Series: After Man Ray, 1992

Kathy Grove
The Other Series: After Brassai/Eyck, 1994

Michael Kenna
The Rouge, Study 1, Dearborn, MI, 1992

Michael Kenna
The Rouge, Study 5, Dearborn, MI, 1992

Annie Leibovitz
Martina Navratilova, Dallas, Texas , 1994

Duane Michals
Magritte with Hat, 1965

Richard Misrach
Crucifix and Union Carbide, Taft, Louisiana, 1998

Abelardo Morell
Motion Study of Hammer on Lead, 2004

Abelardo Morell
Motion Study of Falling Pitchers, 2004

Vik Muniz
Beggar #4 (After Rembrandt), 2001

Gordon Parks
American Gothic, Washington, D.C., 1942

Matthew Pillsbury
Mary Anderson, The Oprah Winfrey Show, Friday August 29, 2003, 3-4pm,

David Plowden
Hoboken Ferry Terminal, from the ferryboat Chatham, Hoboken, New Jersey, 1960
Holly Roberts
Medusa, 2005

Rocky Schenck
Good Luck Nude, 1997
Gregory Scott
Homage, 2004
Gregory Scott
Thank You, Art Rogers and Jeff Koons, 2005

Jack Spencer
Yellowstone River, 2005
Jerry Uelsmann
Remembering Atget, 2000

Jerry Uelsmann
Meditating on the 'I' & Eye of Joseph Cornell, 1998

Jerry Uelsmann
Memories of Max Ernst, 1997

Ron van Dongen
Campanula p. 'Cherry Bells' [SL117], 2000
Joel-Peter Witkin
First Casting for Milo, 2004
Joel-Peter Witkin
Fictional Store Fronts: Camera Store Window, 2004