Spotlight: Online Exhibitions

CEG is thrilled to introduce Spotlight, a new online venture that provides our audience with a more engaging experience with our artists and their work. Every week we will launch an exhibition that includes work by a gallery artist, or a thematic show based on our inventory. With Spotlight, we aim to create a virtual experience for our followers, offering a new way to interact with our artists and the photographs we have at CEG.

Current Exhibition



April 6 — April 13, 2020

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Past Exhibitions

Image: A black and white photograph of a dirt path receding into the distance. Tall trees line the path on both sides.

A Tribute to Lynn Geesaman (b. 1938 - d. 2020)

March 24 — March 30, 2020

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At Home

March 31 — April 6, 2020

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