Untitled (Plate 3) Virginia (2004)

Untitled (Plate 4) Virginia (2005)

Untitled (Plate 6) Virginia (2005)

Untitled (Plate 7) Virginia (2004)

Untitled (Plate 9) NYC (2005)

Untitled (Plate 13) Virginia (2005)

Untitled (Plate 14) Virginia (2003)

Untitled (Plate 20) Virginia (2004)

Untitled (Plate 21) Virginia (2003)

Untitled (Plate 25) NYC (2004)

Untitled (Plate 27) NYC

Untitled (Plate 28) NYC (2004)

Untitled (Plate 29) NYC (2002)

Untitled (Plate 32) NYC (2006)

Untitled (Plate 34) NYC (2004)

Untitled, Virginia (2003)

Untitled (Plate 37) NYC (2003)

Untitled (Plate 40) NYC (2004)

Untitled (Plate 41), Virginia

Untitled (Plate 46) NYC (2005)

Untitled (Plate 55) NYC (2005)

(Plate 57) NYC (2005)

Untitled (Plate 58) NYC (2004)

Untitled (Plate 59) Virginia (2004)

Untitled (Plate 60) NYC (2006)

Untitled (Plate 62) NYC (2005)

Untitled (Plate 67) Virginia (2004)

Untitled (Plate 76) Virginia (2005)

Untitled (Plate 83) NYC (2006)

Untitled (Plate 88) Virginia

Untitled (Plate 90) Virginia (2005)

Untitled (Plate 125) NYC (2006)

Untitled (Plate 140) NYC (2006)

Len Prince and Jessie Mann first met in 2001. He was a photographer looking for a muse. She was the well known daughter and frequent subject for her mother, Sally Mann, who felt compelled to explore the creative possibilities of self-fictionalization, or, as she says, "making art by being in art". The pair embarked on a partnership which is about the act of collaboration, carefully creating memorable images that combine theatrics, performance, and ideas.

Inspired by works from mythology, art history and pop-culture, this new series references both public and personal ideologies. In the end, we witness the celebration of a photographer and his muse, committed to reinterpreting the history of art and photography, and the impact of contemporary pop culture on society today.

Jessie Mann ‘Self-Possessed’ fuses conceptual astuteness and technical excellence. It is the result of a five year collaboration between a highly regarded photographer and a subject who wittingly and unwittingly has become one of the most compelling and controversial models in photography today.