We no longer carry work by Cecil McDonald.

This is an archive of a past exhibition.

Genius at Play (2007)
Harmonic Portico (2007)
Family Fallout (2007)

Why Scales Matter (2007)

Dandy Strut (2007)

Afternoon Picnic, she is sometimes embarrased by me (2007)

Flights & Fits of Fancy (2007)

Follow the Leader (2007)

After, Soul to Soul (2006)

Fresh Linens (2006)

3 Ways to Blackness (2006)

Frances Before Dinner (2006)

Growth Spurt Uninterrupted (2006)

1200 Meditations, Things My Mother Gave Me (2005)

Is this the Sound that a Blue Black Girl Makes? (2005)

Did You Kiss Him Yet? (2005)

The Color of my Skin (2005)

On first viewing, Cecil McDonald Jr's images of his two daughters, his wife and himself appear to be snapshots – everyday moments caught on film. But nothing could be further from the truth, as McDonald seeks to reinvent mundane events that occur at home. Like Tina Barney and Carrie Mae Weems, McDonald's seeks to examine his daily life by recreating situations that are both autobiographical yet universal. A young child dances to music as her sister prepares food in the kitchen; a father and daughter argue in the car; the ritual of braiding hair in the morning; a father stealing a quite moment in bed to read. All of these perceived truths are reenacted, allowing scenes of observed domesticity to be viewed as a visual object. Through these photographs, we question the reality presented and must decide, for ourselves, the truths these scenes portray.

Cecil McDonald Jr. was born on the South side of Chicago where an appreciation of fashion and music were encouraged by a creative mother and later by a burgeoning DJ culture, House music and the dance club scene. It was these influences that led McDonald to study fashion and merchandising at Columbia College Chicago where he received a Bachelor of Arts degree. In his last year of study he discovered the camera and its creative capabilities and capacity to expand his artistic vision. He continued his studies at Columbia College and received a Master of Fine Arts in Photography in 2006.