Thank you for your interest in the In Focus program. We have reached maximum capacity and enrollment is now closed. Due to limited space WE WILL NOT BE ABLE TO ACCEPT WALK-INS.

In Focus is a membership based program developed by Catherine Edelman Gallery to educate people about contemporary photography and the many ways one can start a collection. With more and more people becoming interested in photography, it’s become apparent that a program explaining current photographic trends and techniques is needed in Chicago.

In Focus, led by Catherine Edelman and other prominent members of the Chicago art community, will meet four times this fall. Dues are $100 (for all four sessions) and will be held on Saturday mornings at CEG from 9:30-11:00 am, starting October 17, 2009. See below for programming details. For those members attending Art Miami (Dec. 2-6, 2009), a CEG staff member will offer a guided tour of the fair.


All meetings are on Saturday mornings, at CEG, from 9:30-11:00am
Uncovering the Myth: October 17, 2009
Catherine Edelman will explain the basic history of photography and current photographic trends, highlighting important photographers and ideas that have helped shape present day practitioners. Included in the discussion will be the concept of editioning, how size and price structure is set, digital technology and its impact on photography, and how the value of a photograph is determined.


Developing your Eye: October 24, 2009
A panel discussion with members of the Chicago art community will examine the many ways a photograph is evaluated. Participants will include a professor of art explaining criteria used when critiquing student work; a member of an acquisition board explaining the structure used to determine how work is selected for a museum collection; an art critic discussing how they determine the success of a work of art.
How Do I Start: October 31, 2009
Catherine Edelman will discuss the ideas behind acquiring art and tackle the many questions people have about the process. These questions include how to understand ones collecting interests, how to begin the process of trusting personal taste, and where to go to learn about photographers who are working today.

Building a Collection: November 14, 2009
A unique question and answer session between Catherine Edelman and a Chicago collector. Participants will hear how a new collector got started, how decisions were made about what to acquire, and the ideas about building a collection around a central idea or theme. Participants are asked to come with prepared questions.

Guided Tour of Art Miami: December 5, 2009, 3:00-4:30 pm
As an added bonus to the program, a staff member of CEG will walk around with In Focus participants who are attending the fair. The tour will highlight various photographic works on view.

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