Sun's Embrace (2010)

Point of Junction (2010)

Learning a Lesson (2009)

Shared Truth (2009)

Eve's Kingdom (2009)

Daydreaming (2009)

Reflection (2007)

Birds (2007)

Temptation (2007)

Refuge (2007)

Paths (2007)

Exchanging Wisdom (2006)

Switching Places (2006)

Attachment (2006)

Spreading Roots (2005)

Intense Evening (2005)

Ukrainian born Viktoria Sorochinski spent time in Israel and Montreal, before recently settling in Brooklyn. It was in Montreal, while studying for her BFA in studio art, that she met Anna and Eve, a mother and daughter whose physical presence often belied the lines between adult and child. Started in 2005, Anna & Eve is an ongoing project that casts each participant in different roles, including the protector, the healer and the caretaker. As the artist states, “It was often hard to tell who held the power and control between the two, and who was learning the essence of being a human in this world.” Through these staged scenarios, Sorochinski examines the relationship between a young mother and her child, as both age and mature.