Leddie with Children
Shelby Lee Adams

The Home Funeral
Shelby Lee Adams

Helen, Nadine, and Bessie
(1997) Catherine Angel

(1992) James Balog

Three Poppies
(1997) Tom Baril

Apples and Grapes
(2006) Tom Baril

Oil Spill #6
(2010) Daniel Beltrá

(1984) Zeke Berman

Fire (2012) Julie Blackmon

Dinner Party (2005) Julie Blackmon SOLD OUT

Stocking the pantry, home for the elderly: Little sisters of the Poor Good Mother Stern Bramson

Still Life with Persimmons (2005)
Kate Breakey

Untitled (2007) Gary Briechle

Untitled (2008) Gary Briechle

Chicken Feathers (1992) Keith Carter

Fireflies Contact (1992/2010)
Keith Carter

Raymond (1991) Keith Carter

Patricia (2001) Clark & Pougnaud

Carnival (2006) Kelli Connell

Ceremony, Sri Lanka (1979)
Linda Connor

Tar & Feathers (1975) Barbara Crane

Zipperscape (1975) Barbara Crane

Mask I (1989) Mario Cravo Neto

Sally Mann's Developer Tray (2011)
John Cyr

Dwarf (1958) Bruce Davidson

Time of Change (Two Women at Lunch Counter) (1962) Bruce Davidson

Long enough (1999) John Dugdale

Dickie Backstage (2011) Elizabeth Ernst

Elephant Man (1999) Elizabeth Ernst

The White Rabbit (2002) Elizabeth Ernst

Breath (lying) (2004) Dan Estabrook

Self-Portrait (2002) Dan Estabrook

Slag Processing, Indiana Harbor, August 31 (2006) Terry Evans

Trees and Water, Edge of Gravel Pit, McHenry County, IL, March 23 (2003) Terry Evans

Field Museum, Drawer of
(2002) Terry Evans

Peoria, IL (1992) James Fee

Syzygy (1998) James Fee

Damme, Belgium (1995) [ #6-95-5-12 ]
Lynn Geesaman

Damme, Belgium (2004) [ #4-04-40c-9 ]
Lynn Geesaman

Pretini #70 (1968) Mario Giacomelli

William S. Burroughs & Jack Kerouac, New York (1953) Allen Ginsberg

Brian on My Roof, the Bowery (1982) Nan Goldin

J. and C.Z. in the car, New York City (1984) Nan Goldin

Johnny Depp (1993) Greg Gorman

Billie Holiday, Downbeat Club, NYC (1947/2001) William Gottlieb

Man and Woman #24 (1960/88)
Eikoh Hosoe

Nuestra Señora de las Iguanas, Juchitán, Oaxaca (1979/2012)
Graciela Iturbide

M/V Darya Kamal, Bow (1998)

Michelle Keim

Tank Field, Gary, IN (1997)
Michelle Keim

Above the Abreuvoir, France (1996) Michael Kenna

Fishing Nets, Smarlacca, Veneto, Italy (1990) Michael Kenna

Ratcliffe Power Station, Study 20, England (1986) Michael Kenna

Weather Patterns, Calais, France (1998) Michael Kenna

Hat & 5 Roses, Paris (Vogue) (1956) William Klein

The Light Eater, Renato (1983)
David Lebe

Ray Charles, Los Angeles (1987)
Annie Leibovitz

Billie Holiday (with Smoke), NYC (1949) Herman Leonard

Duke Ellington, Paris (1958)
Herman Leonard

Ella Fitzgerald, Duke Ellington, Benny Goodman, Downbeat Club, NYC (1949) Herman Leonard

Hawksbill Creek Swimming Hole, Luray, VA (1956) O. Winston Link

The Birmingham Special at Rural Retreat (1957) O. Winston Link

Class of 1954 #3 (2006) Achim Lippoth

ECPPF 43, "Bolottie" (2000)
Deborah Luster