Slippers and Flannel (2009) Matt Austin

Dad looking up at the trees in Boston (2009) Matt Austin

Lamp (2009) Matt Austin

Arnold (2011) Justyna Badach

John (2011) Justyna Badach

Liberty, NY (2009) Jeremy Bolen

Telephone (2009) Jeremy Bolen

Yellow Square (2011) Dan Bradica

Busse Woods (2010) Dan Bradica

Untitled #5 (2008) Troy Flinn

Untitled #3 (2007) Troy Flinn

Past Time (2009) Lenny Gilmore

Greg and Linda (2009) Wm. Bradley Johnson

Bill and Kerry (2009) Wm. Bradley Johnson

Garden and Red Chair (2007) Nate Mathews

Stairs to Nowhere (2009) Nate Mathews

Ten Hexagons (2009) Nate Mathews

Books (2007) Bill O'Donnell

Sphere (2009) Bill O'Donnell

Escape (2008) Bill O'Donnell

Virginia Ave., Saint Paul, MN (2008) TJ Proechel

11th Ave, West Saint Paul, MN
(2008) TJ Proechel

23rd Ave., Minneapolis, MN (2008) TJ Proechel

Untitled (2008) Charlie Simokaitis

Untitled (2008) Charlie Simokaitis

Room Reflection (2010) Shane Welch

Security (2010) Shane Welch

Workspace (2010) Shane Welch


In 2003, The Chicago Project was created as an online only gallery, devoted to unrepresented photographers in the Chicagoland area. In an effort to promote local talent, Catherine Edelman Gallery put out a call for submission to all local photographers. To date, the site has featured more than 60 photographers whose works range from traditional black & white landscapes to color narratives. The goal of the gallery is to expose local artists to our ever increasing audience, including curators and collectors worldwide.

We are proud to present The Chicago Project IV, our bi-annual exhibition selected from participants in the online gallery. Artists include Matt Austin, Justyna Badach, Jeremy Bolen, Dan Bradica, Troy Flinn, Lenny Gilmore, Wm. Bradley Johnson, Nate Mathews, Bill O'Donnell, TJ Proechel, Charlie Simokaitis and Shane Welch.